A complete solar kit for your home

Everything you need to power your home and reduce your electricity bills.

Trinahome is available in 3Kw or 6Kw kits designed to suit most Australian homes. It’s a simple, all-in-one solar kit that delivers clean energy to your home.

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0Kw system

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A simple solution

Reduce your power bills
An efficient system that captures clean energy from the sun to power your home, so you reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint.
Designed to work together
Your kit includes carefully selected, quality components that work seamlessly together for maximum efficiency.
Easy to buy
Simply call us and we’ll arrange to have your new solar kit delivered to your door and installed at your convenience.
Real-time monitoring
It’s easy to check the performance of your system at any time on your iOS or Android device.
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Buying solar used to be hard, until now

Buying solar for your home used to mean a lot of complicated decisions and it was hard to know if you were making the right choices.

But with Trinahome the components have been designed to work seamlessly together to create the most efficient solar system for your home.

The MBB solar modules are exclusive to Trinahome and offer maximum efficiency. These are teamed with the latest Trina inverter, isolators and connectors, along with all mounts and cables. All packaged up and delivered to your door. It’s that simple!

Peace of mind included

You can choose Trinahome with confidence because the entire system is covered by a Trina Solar 5 year warranty.

What’s more, your solar panels come with a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

And if you ever need help with any aspect of your system, we’re just a phone call away. Download warranty

Extend inverter warranty up to 10 years for a nominal fee. For details, please contact your distributor/installer.

Contact customer service
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10 years

PV modules
product warranty

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25 years

PV modules
performance warranty

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5 years

Inverter warranty

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10 years

Tile and tin roof
mountings warranty

Simple steps to get Trinahome

It starts with a simple call and we take it from there, right through to installation. Find User Manual

Request a call

1. One quick call

It takes just 10 minutes for our solar experts to evaluate your home for solar power readiness.

2. Home assessment

Our team identifies the solar system capacity most suited to your home and energy needs.

3. Project management

We handle everything required to get your new solar system up and running including inspections, permits and interconnection.

4. Installation

You choose the best day and time and our expert team will deliver and install your new solar system, so you can start enjoying clean energy and reduced power bills.

A safe choice

Trinahome is brought to you by Trina Solar, one of the world’s leading solar companies. We’re proud to power homes, businesses and industry all over the world. Since 1997 we have delivered reliable and high quality solar solutions produced to the highest standards. With Trina Solar you’re in safe hands.

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Take the first step

We’ve made it easy to buy Trinahome. Simply call us to find out more, or complete the form and we’ll be in touch. Your new home solar system will be up and running in no time.

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