You're about to see how Sunlight can power your home

Trinahome is the complete solar energy system.

Simply connect it to your existing power supply… and reduce the amount of electricity you pay for, by converting sunlight on your roof to power the appliances you use everyday.

Trinahome recommends a
0Kw system

Roof size

This recommendation is for reference only

An all in one solution

It’s simple to install and ready to go, everything you need to get started in one package.

Start your solar business quickly with one stop solar solution. Being our partner to get exclusive benefits and assistance to help you become more successful selling Trina Solar products.

Get in touch with us for any questions about your Trinahome solution. From configuration to installation, upgrades and warranties we're here to help.

One complete solution
It's a complete solution containing every component you need get you setup and started quickly.
Begin enjoying a solar powered home as soon as its delivered and setup. it's easy to install and ready to go.
Safe, reliable and high-efficiency
All key components have been qualified by Trina Solar under strict supervision to meet today's rigorous quality standards and process controls. Our modules have passed more than 200 reliability tests, that's why we guarantee our system for 5 years, out of the box.
Flexible design to fit all rooftops
Trina Solar’s modular design makes it easy to match different roof shapes, even if you need to place your panels in different locations.
We're here to make the installation as easy as possible.

Everything you need, under the Sun

Trina Provides a 5 years standard warranty for Trinahome

Image module

25 years

PV modules performance warranty

10 years

PV modules product warranty

5 years

inverter and grid box warranty

10 years

mounting warranty

Customer Service Portal

Trina Solar has a dedicated, swift and responsive team to support its customers whenever they may be in the world.