Trinahome System Installed in Tiruppur, India

Trinahome System Installed in Tiruppur, India

Is Solar Energy Cheaper? And Can It Sustain the Needs of My Home?

Mr Aru Muralikrishnan, Vice President of the Group answers these questions, and shares with us what it is like to have Trinahome installed for his Managing Director’s home!

“Today, I had visit our MD home where you have installed Trina home the roof top solar kit. It was very nice look from the beginning installation state kit I was looking at it and I like your subordinates taking more enough care and satisfying the part. Eagerly waiting for the kit output, performance I was eagerly waiting to know these things. Yesterday & today I seriously studied its output. It is very nice out of 10kW you have initiated 7 kW. For 7 kW it has nearly given 5 units per and nearly about 35. We are expecting more than 40 units per day. In full sunny day we may expect nearly 50 units average may be 40 units. The way you explained the electrical team and it also very nice. It is enough we can maintain it now. We would like to have few more in future let us study the performance and communicate to you. Equipment is ok we are satisfied ok thank you.” Said by Mr. Aru Muralikrishnan.

Below are a few snippets from our successful installations in Tiruppur.

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